What our clients are saying...

"To My Dear Friends For Life,
I do so appreciate the many hours you spent with my mother, Sophia!  I know she was cheered by your attention. It was very difficult for me to have lived far from her.  Knowing of your visitations, bringing cheer and support, helped me, too.  Please give my best regards and love to Jane, Joanne and those who also helped.  You are dear and special people. I am asking God to bless and look after you.

                                        Lovingly, Renee B."

"You have gone out of your way to help my Mother and this is no easy task. My Mother is aphasic from a stroke and cannot communicate in a conversational manner.  Her Friends For Life Companion was not uncomfortable or intimidated at all by this, as many before her have been and my Mother feels almost "normal" when with her.  Thank you for providing us with such a great companion, we'd be lost without her."

-Jane V.

"All of us owe you a great  deal for the way you took care of Mom.  We were able to live our normal lives until close to the end of her life.  I know your relationship with Mom started as business, but you were both so fortunate to have it blossom into friendship and love.  Your warmth and empathy for people is wonderful.  Bless you and thank you from all of us.

Love, Nancy"

"Thank you for your dedication and kindness with Marilyn.  Kate was truly wonderful." 

-Karen and the staff at Colorado Eldercare Solutions

"Thank you so much for arranging the visits with Priscilla.  They were always enjoyable and it was good to have her organize the shopping, etc.  Priscilla was always a lovely, understanding companion, thank you for selecting her."

- Sue F.

"My deepest appreciation and Thanks for the wonderful care you provided for Doyne, while I was in Virginia.  He enjoyed your visits and outings and I certainly felt much more at ease about being away.  Thank you again for your care and concern - job well done!"

-Ruthann L.

"Dear Friends,
I have enjoyed the attention you have given to my Mother over the past few years.  I know that she was having difficulty with her memory for a couple of years, maybe more, but you did make things better with the calls and visits.  All of your efforts have been greatly appreciated.  I hope that you will keep up the good work with the rest of your clients.

Warmest Regards,  David C."

"Dear Valued Friends For Life:
For over a year you have given faithful, loving service to my Mother, Mary, that none of her family could provide and I have been very grateful.  She is very fond of her visitor.  Her companion would call me to update me on my Mother's reactions, behavior or activities.  That was surely going 'above and beyond' what we expected.  Thank you."

-Phyllis S.

"Thanks for your help with my mom, Betty, at Canterbury Gardens Assisted Living. It means a lot to me to know she is cared for!"

-Samantha M.

"It means so much to our Association to have your support for the Walk to End Alzheimer's!  Your participation and team fundraising is wonderful and we appreciate everything you have accomplished on our behalf!

Warm Regards, Jill, The Alzheimer's Association"

Companion Experiences




More from our families...

"Thanks - we love our FFL companions!"

- Kate

"Thanks for being such good friends to my Dad!"

- Karen

"Pat's cognition appears much better. I think it's your work. Thank you!"

- Janet

"We love Friends For Life! Thank you for all you do for Mom."