What are Personalized Visitations?

Personalized visitations offer real interaction and are customized to provide you with exactly what you need. Whether it is taking your Dad fishing in his favorite spot, walking with your Mom through the park, accompanying your loved one to activities or meals to help get them acclimated into a new setting (i.e. assisted living or nursing home), going to doctor's appointments or assisting with household activities and errands, you get to create the experience.

Personalized visits can bridge the gap because they are specifically designed to be interactive and flexible in order to keep up with all of your changing needs. Caregivers become extended family, helping each client in their environment and keeping the family abreast and involved. Friends For Life, Inc. was designed to support both the client and the family.

Medical emergencies are often the springboard to getting involved in a loved one's care. However, putting a support system in place before an emergency and being aware of the services that are available to you and your loved one is the key to success. Personalized visitations can be designed specifically to meet your needs when non-medical extra care is needed.

Surrogate care never replaces the relationship with family, but it serves as a reliable means of extra support when you can't be there. Choosing to personalize your experience ensures the best possible solutions for your needs.

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